Terms of Use of proxy purchasing and shipping service by Treasure Japan.

Terms of Use for Treasure Japan

  • Treasure Japan (hereafter “We”) hereby set out the terms regarding the use of the purchasing and shipping service (hereafter “The Service”) provided to registered members of Our website (hereafter “Members”)

    In addition to the following Terms of Use, We may, at Our discretion, set out separate terms as necessary. Therefore, Members must agree to all terms on Our website; not only those listed below.
  • Article 1: Members

    1. A Member is an individual or a legal entity who has registered on Our website pursuant to the designated processes.
    2. Membership registration shall be applied for through Our on-line system.
    3. Those applying for membership must be over the age of 18 years.
  • Article 2: Management, Change and Withdrawal of Member Information

    1. Members are responsible for managing their own ID and password.
    2. Members are responsible for promptly updating any changes to their registered information through their on-line account.
    3. Members cannot share their ID and/or password to any third party. Use of The Service with a Member’s ID and password shall be regarded as use of The Service by that Member and that Member shall be fully responsible for such use.
    4. Members may withdraw membership through the use of a designated procedure.
  • Article 3: Description of The Service

    1. The Service We provide is to purchase products as requested by Our Members and then to ship these products to the designated addresses given to Us by Our Members. As such, We hold no responsibility except for the processes of purchasing and shipping described above.
    2. We will purchase requested products in the name of Our representative, Nahoko Yamada.
    3. Members are required to pay Our Final Selling Price for each requested product. This Final Selling Price includes: the cost of delivery from the seller to Us, any expenses associated with the transfer of money from the Member to Us, any domestic Japanese tax, any expenses associated with the international shipping of product from Us to the Member, and the necessary expense of purchasing the requested product itself.
    4. The product will be dispatched from Us at the time of confirmation of the Member’s payment to Us of the Final Selling Price of the product. We employ international delivery companies to handle shipping the requested products to Our Members.
    5. We don’t accept cancellations unless We find notable damage to the product the seller sent to Us or differences in the product to what the seller advertised. Only in the above cases, or in other cases specified in Our Terms of Use or any separate terms, will We accept a refund or an exchange. We never accept a cancellation for a requested product under any circumstances after having dispatched that product for shipping overseas.
  • Article 4: Payment

    1. Members must pay a deposit when requesting Us to purchase a product.
    2. This deposit is the deducted from the Final Selling Price of the requested product.
    3. When a Member cancels the order of a requested product which has already been purchased by Us, it will render the deposit lost. We will not return the deposit unless the circumstances are those explained in Article 3.
    4. If any Member fails to make the payment of the Final Selling Price to Us by the 90th day after We have sent the invoice, We will regard it as a cancellation of a requested product purchase and We will dispose of the product. Furthermore, We cannot offer any refund or return of the deposit in this situation.
    5. Members shall bear the cost for any expenses associated with importing a product (including but not limited to custom charges and duty) to the country that the Member has stipulated in their requested delivery address.
  • Article 5: Discontinuance or Suspension of the Service

    1. If We find Ourselves in any of the following situations, We may temporarily discontinue or suspend the whole or part of The Service without any prior notice to Members.
      1. When undertaking a maintenance inspection or updating the computer system for providing The Service.
      2. When it is difficult to provide The Service due to unavoidable incidences including but not limited to earthquakes, lightning, fire, power failure or other natural disasters.
      3. When a computer or a telecommunications line is suspended due to an unavoidable incidence.
      4. When We otherwise deem that it is difficult to provide The Service.
    2. We bear no responsibility for any and all loss or inconvenience suffered by a member or a third party as a result of the discontinuance or the temporary suspension of The Service.
  • Article 6: Exemptions of Responsibility

    1. We bear no responsibility for any faults, failure or damage to products which are designed for use inside Japan after dispatching these products overseas.
    2. Aside from cases directly attributable to Us, We bear no responsibility for any and all loss or inconvenience suffered by Members in relation to the delay, damage or non-delivery of their requested product.
    3. We bear no responsibility for any and all damage to products due to conditions of force majeure, including but not limited to natural disasters or wars, during the period between having purchased requested products to dispatching them overseas to Members.
    4. We do not guarantee the purchase of all requested products at the time of accepting a request from a Member. If We cannot purchase a product due to a shortage of that product after having been requested to purchase it by a Member, We can cancel the request and return the deposit for that requested product.
    5. We can refuse a request to purchase a product which cannot be handled by an international delivery company due to reasons including but not limited to the product being classified as dangerous goods by a law or a treaty between countries. Laws or treaties regarding prohibited or controlled goods are liable to change at any time without prior warning. As such, We bear no responsibility for any and all loss or inconvenience when it is discovered that a requested product cannot arrive at its destination address after We have dispatched it overseas.
  • Article 7: Handling of Personal Information

    1. Personal Information refers to information from which it is possible to identify a specific person or legal entity by a simple or complex combination of that information. Such information includes but is not limited to a Member’s ID, name, sex, mail address, phone number, zip code, address or purchase history.
    2. We will use a Member’s Personal Information for managing Our Members, payment processes, shipping products overseas and for various inquiry services.
    3. We shall appropriately protect the Personal Information of Members except in cases where it is necessary to use it, including but not limited to dispatching requested products overseas, and shall not provide Personal Information of Members to any third party in such a manner that individuals can be identified.
    4. We will occasionally use cookies when a Member uses The Service.
  • Article 8: Usage Restrictions and Cancellation of Registration

    1. In the following situations, We may restrict use of all or part of The Service to a Member or cancel the registration of a Member without giving any prior notice:
      1. When a Member breaks any of the clauses found in the Terms of Use or any separate terms.
      2. When it is found that false information was given in matters regarding the registration procedure.
      3. When We otherwise deem a member to be unsuitable to use The Service.
    2. We bear no responsibility for any and all loss or inconvenience to a Member according to the above usage restrictions or cancellations of registration.
  • Article 9: Modification of Terms of Use or any separate terms and the Contents of The Service

    1. We have the right to amend the Terms of Use or any separate terms and alter or abolish all or part of The Service on Our website without any prior notice. We bear no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience suffered by a Member as a result of any modification of the Terms of Use or any separate terms or the contents of The Service.
    2. Any changes to the Terms of Use or any separate terms shall take effect as indicated on Our website. Members must abide by the new Terms of Use or any separate terms thereupon.
  • Article 10: Governing Law and Agreed Jurisdiction

    1. Japanese law shall govern the Terms of Use and any separate terms.
    2. If any dispute arises in relation with the Terms of Use or any separate terms, the Fukuoka District Court shall be the agreed exclusive jurisdictional court of the first hearing.
  • Article 11: Applicability

    The Terms of Use and other separate terms shall be applicable to all matters regarding the use of The Service between all the Members and Us, therefore all Members must agree to these Terms of Use and other separate terms.