I cannot use my credit card to buy web money. Can TJ buy web money for me?

No, we cannot. We cannot use our credit card for you to buy web money.
The thing what we can do is to buy the prepaid card and to ship the card to you.
Please note that we cannot only tell you a serial number via email, we will send you a prepaid card itself because it is prohibited to exchange intangible things through PayPal. Your payment has to be paid by PayPal to use our service.

Can I request undervalued declaration?

We cannot accept any requests about undervalued declaration because we have to observe laws and regulations.
Making a declaration by lower value is a tax evasion.
If we marked much lower value than actual cost,
We are charged with aiding and abetting of tax evasion.
(We will face a fine of 500,000 yen and two year of imprisonment.)
We cannot help any tax evasion.

Can I use TJ's address to forward my items?

No, you can't. TJ is purchasing and shipping service, not forwarding service. You cannot just use TJ's address to buy items.

What kinds of fees do I pay for ordering items thorough TJ?

Basically, you pay commission, consumption tax, domestic and international shipping, fee, and custom duty. (Depending on the situation, extra fee such as repacking fee will be charged)

How do I know the status of my order?

You can check your status at "Your Account" on our web site.
Please click the "Your Account" on the top-right of our top page

I placed an order. What do I do next?

As soon as we get your items, we will send an arrival report.
Then you will choose a shipping method and make a shipping request.
We will make an invoice with the shipping method which you chose.

I have not received my items for a long time since receiving a shipping notification from TJ. Where should I contact with?

The first of all, please check your shipping status on the website of Japan postal service or your country's postal service with your tracking number.
Then, please contact with your country's postal service if it is necessary.
(Even if you contact us about your items first, we have to contact with Japan postal service and take time. So, checking with your country's postal service is the faster and easier way to find out your shipping status.)

I placed some orders that include both in-stock and pre-ordered items from the same shop at the same time. Do I have to pay commission for in-stock and pre-ordered items?

Ordering items from one shop at the same time is counted as one order. So, the commission is charged once

The domestic shipping fee is charged twice for in-stock items and pre-ordered items

When I order some pre-ordered items, do I have to make a deposit before items' release date?

Yes, you make a deposit same time with placing orders of pre-ordered items.

I placed an order but the shopping status has not been updated for a long time. What happened?

Did you pay a deposit for your order? We do not proceed with your order till we confirm your deposit because some customers sometimes place an order by mistake.

I placed a same order twice by mistake. What should I do?

Please contact us and tell us about it as soon as possible. We will cancel your items that you ordered by mistake.

I have ordered a pre-ordered item. When can I get it?

Actually we cannot know how long it takes to get pre-ordered items because we do not know the situation of stores. Sometimes stores send us a notification for delay.

Can you negotiate with sellers without placing a bid?

We cannot negotiate with sellers without placing a bid.
That is an unspoken understanding that the highest bidder can negotiate with sellers
That is also a manner of the Japanese auction site.
If you'd like us to negotiate with the seller, please place an order and offer the price you are willing.

  • From our experience, sellers' comments/replies do not guarantee qualities of items. Even if the sellers note "Good condition", the condition might be much worse. It is hard to know the actual condition from sellers, especially on Mbok auction. So, we cannot guarantee about conditions of items.
  • Please choose items on your own responsibility.

I placed some orders and tried to pay a deposit by PayPal but an error occurred with my payment. What should I do?

Please contact us to check your payment is confirmed or not. If you are not able to make a payment with your PayPal account for some reasons, we can request a payment by using PayPal.

In what currency I have to pay ?

We accept only Japanese Yen.

Basically we will charge the total fees in Japanese Yen.
You can easily pay the amount in Japanese Yen through the PayPal "Currency converter" .
*The exchange fee of PayPal should be paid at your end.

Do I have to pay some deposits in advance ?

About Shopping :
You need to pay the deposits that are equal to the total of items' prices.

About Auction :
You need to pay deposits that are equal to the total of each items' maximum bidding price.

* We will not place your order if you do not pay the deposits. About the Auction, we will refund deposit if we are not able to win the item.

We ask you additional deposits if there is big difference between first deposit price and rebidding price.


Basically, we hold items for a month or up to 20 orders since the first item's arrival at our office.
If items are ordered from different sellers and they arrive at our office in a month, we can combine and ship them together.

* We regard one article or one auction as one order in case Flea Market or Auction.
We regard one batch of order from one store as one order in case shopping from stores.
* We will invoice if the orders reach 20 orders even if it is within one month.
(We will invoice much sooner if the total amount is more than 200,000 yen or when we deem one shipment is difficult.)

If I buy several items from the same seller, how the commission will be ?

If you win several auctions from the same seller in the short term, the commission will be charged per one item. But you can save a domestic shipping fee and a bank transfer fee.
For example, even if you won three auctions listed same seller in the short term, the domestic shipping cost will be charged for one shipping, and bank transfer fee is charged for one remittance.

In the case of shopping from Japanese online shop, the commission is charged per order.
For example, if you order three items with the same place, it will be deemed one order.

What moment Treasure-Japan will bid for the Auction.

We will place a bid as soon as we confirm your bidding order. But it may take 1 to 7 hours till we can confirm your bidding order.
So we cannot guarantee an execution of the bidding order if the remaining time of the auction is less than 7 hours or it is out of our business hour.
(Our business hour is from 9:00 to 23:00 JST)

After we received your order, we will see the seller's assessment, and check his past trading. If there is some troubles in past trading with the buyer, or we feel some insecure about the item, we will alert you by e-mail.

What is Auto Extension ?

This option is available for sellers. If the seller set this option, auction's system automatically extends the amount of time left to bid by 5 minutes if someone places a bid near the end of the auction. it is not described on the item page, if the seller set this option.

Does T-J take orders of adult products ?

We can not help purchasing adult products because of the law. If you are not sure whether your order is adult or not, please contact us.

What is Bid Increment

Any new bid must be greater than the current high bid. The additional amount you're required to bid depends on the price of the item being auctioned. (In other words, bid increment are determined by the item's price.) For example, if you want an item with a current price of 16,000yen, then you must bid at least 16,500yen.

The table below shows the required bid increment for Yahoo Auctions.

Price of Item Increment
1yen - 1,000yen 10yen
1,000yen - 5,000yen 100yen
5,000yen - 10,000yen 250yen
10,000yen - 50,000yen 500yen
50,000yen -

The bid increment can't be changed by the seller or the bidder. The bid increment will only be changed as the current high bid increases.