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EMS and Parcel Post Weight and Size

Classification Weight         Maximum size                     Minimum size
EMS Up to 30 kg
or 20 kg
( Note )
[ A ]
(a)up to 1.5m
[ B ]
(a)up to 1.05m
Size A or B applies
according to the destination.
( Note )
Minimum size is the same as that of letter-post items.
UPU parcel post Up to 30 kg
or 20 kg
( Note )
South Africa parcels Up to 10 kg a+b+c+d+e=1.8m
(a)up to 1.05m
  • For EMS and UPU parcel post, please inquire at your post office for details since conditions may vary according to country / territory and type of mail.
  • Some countries use parcel size limits other than A and B.

Letter-Post Items Weight and Limits

Classification Weight Limits
Maximum Minimum
Postcards --


(a)up to 60cm

(a)up to 90cm

(a)over 10cm

Letters Up to 2 kg
Printed matter ( Note ) Up to 5 kg (books, booklets, etc.)
Up to 30 kg (M bags)
Items for the blind Up to 7 kg
Small packets Up to 2 kg
  • Up to 2 kg printed matter addressed to Canada, and printed matter (other than books) addressed to Ireland.