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  • Please concern about the shipment before placing orders. (updated 1-April-2020)

    The international shipment for many countries was suspended due to COVID-19.
    And the shipping method SAL is no longer available since 2-April.
    Because almost flights all over the world are getting decreased with restrictions on overseas travel day by day.

    On 30-March, the travel warning to all over the world was upgraded to a high level and the coming and going between us has been limited. That means many flights will be suspended (especially JFK airport) and it's difficult to ship the parcel to you now.

    We cannot say how long it takes the delivery at the present.
    We cannot refund or compensation against the suspend of the shipment due to COVID-19.
    It might be possible to keep your items for a while if you strongly ask us but we cannot say when it will return to normal shipment. We cannot guarantee anything.
    We recommend not making the orders now.

    We are sorry to say that please keep in mind these conditions and take a risk by yourself if you still place the order despite this COVID-19 difficult situation.
    Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
  • We renewed commission (updated on 17-January-2020)
    We changed the commission from the order placed on 1st-January-2020.

    Item’s price of Online shopping Flea market or Auction / commission

    1円~3000 yen 700 yen
    3001~7000 yen 800 yen
    7001~9999 yen 900 yen
    10000~19999 yen 9.5%
    20000~24999 yen 9%
    25000~29999 yen 8.5%
    30000~34999 yen 8%
    35000~39999 yen 7.5%
    40000~44999 yen 7%
    45000~49999 yen 6.5%
    50000円~ 6%

    About the Auction :
    If you place two or more items from the same seller at once and the seller ships them together, you can get a 150yen reduction per item from a commission.

    We changed charging the handling fee for shipment on 17-January 2020.
    * The handling fee for Small Packets or EMS less than 10kg is free.
    * The handling fee for EMS from 10kg is 600 yen.
    * We charge 200 yen per Small Packet if you require to divide one parcel more than 2000g into plural Small Packets.

    ~ up to 1kg / 200 yen
    ~ up to 2kg / 300 yen
    ~ up to 3kg / 400 yen
    ~ up to 5kg / 600 yen
    ~ up to 8kg / 800 yen
    ~ up to 10kg / 1000 yen
    10kg ~ / 1200 yen

    We look forward to continuing to provide you with our service.
  • We never use "unregistered" shipment.
    I'd like to ask our customers to use registered mail with tracking number for their parcels.
    We can prove your shipment to PayPal by the tracking number.
    I ask for your kind understanding.
  • Policy Updates (about undervalued declaration)
    We never accept your request to declare with the lower price than your shopping value.
    Customs duty is one of the taxes and citizens are obligated to pay taxes.
    Making a declaration by lower value is a tax evasion.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.(updated April 1st 2012)