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  • EMS for some countries in Europe resumed! (updated on 19-June-2020)

    Please check the status of your country here.

    EMS and Airmail for many countries have been suspended yet.
    I'm really sorry, but many countries still have no prospects to resume EMS.
    From the present situation, it seems that EMS would resume if the number of new infections of COVID-19 decreases to tens of people.

    -- Other available shipping methods --

    DHL: It takes a week to be delivered.
    It's easier to use than before and we updated the cost today. Please refer to the usage here.
    I hope the renewal would be of help to our customers.

    Surface: It takes 2-3 months to be delivered.
    The transaction fee 200 yen.
    Please note that there is a significant delay in processing parcels, and so we must add insurance covering the items' price.
    (The additional insurance is 400 yen or more depending on the value of the content.)

    SAL is no longer available for all over the world.

    I wish to apologize for the inconvenience the present situation has caused you.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • We started to supply via new shipment DHL on 20-May. (updated on 21-May-2020)

    The shipment via DHL: delivered in around a week / No insurance (You can add insurance by 2500 yen.)
    You might feel the cost is still a little higher than the Japan Post shipment. But in some cases, you can use it with near or lower-cost than EMS.

    Details of the cost will be forwarded to you separately.

    NOTE for usage DHL:
    The heavier between the volume weight and the actual weight will be applied for the calculation of the shipping fee.
    ・ Volume weight (kg) = length (cm)× side (cm) ×height(cm) ÷5,000
    ・ Actual weight: the actual weight of the package (including packing and accompanying documents)

    * DHL never accepts the delivery to the PO box.
    * There are many forbidden items to ship via DHL (Food, liquid, or R18 items, etc.). Please refer to this page.
    * We have to mark all of our packages as "merchandise".

    With this change, we will suspend using DHL EXPRESS EASY.
    I hope this service will help customers who cannot use EMS or other shipments. Thank you.
  • We restart to take orders on 7-May as before. (updated on 6-May-2020)

    However, the EMS and Airmail for many countries were suspended by Japan Post on 24-April.
    Please check the status of your country here.

    According to the Japan Post report, especially, it will take at least 4 months or more to return to normal about the EMS shipment for the US.

    At present, many customers can use only Surface or DHL EXPRESS EASY.

    Surface: it takes 2-3 months to be delivered.
    The transaction fee 200 yen.
    Please note that there is a significant delay in processing parcels, and so we must add insurance covering the items' price.
    (The additional insurance is 400 yen or more depending on the value of the content. )

    It takes around 1 week.
    The transaction fee 500 yen. No insurance.
    If the size didn't fit the boxes, we cannot use DHL.
    And there are many forbidden items to ship abroad.

    (I'm sorry but we don't arrange the shipment by other couriers except for Japan Post or DHL EXPRESS EASY)

    * I'm sorry but we have to decline the request to wait until EMS is available because nobody knows when it happens.
    Almost customers have the same request and we cannot have so large space due to a small company.
    Therefore, we have to decline all requests to hold items for long times in order to care for all customers in an equal way. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

    ** We can bulk the shipment on your plural orders within 5 weeks from the first order or until the total number of orders reached 20 orders (whichever comes first).

    It could be this summer or farther for things to get back to normal.
    We don't know how long the present situation will last.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • We cannot take new orders until 6-May. (updated on 16-April-2020)

    The prime minister in Japan spread a state of emergency across the country: 17-April - 6-May (7-April~6-May in 7 regions).
    In Japan, COVID-19 infection is spreading now. You may feel slow. But we (who are living in Japan) are standing at an important crossroads NOW.

    The reasons we won't take new order are
    There is not a part of staff because we asked them to stay at home while imposed a state of emergency.
    The Japanese government asked companies to decrease the number of workers to 30%.
    I believe we have to stay at home and we should not do the action that has someone go out.

    2. THIS is the most important reason.
    In case you'd like to buy something from an online flea market or auctions, if we purchased the item now, the seller would have to go to a post office or somewhere to ship the items. That action will lay the seller open to the risk of infections of COVID-19. Or if the seller were infected person remaining asymptomatic? He/she might lead to infection unconsciously.
    We don't want to do such behavior at present.

    If the circumstance gets better, we are going to restart taking orders little by little. We will update the country we can support here. Thank you for your patience.
    Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
  • Please concern about the shipment before placing orders. (updated 6-April-2020 / we rewrote the information updated on 1-April.)

    The international shipment for many countries was suspended on 2-April due to COVID-19.
    And the shipping method SAL is no longer available since 2-April.
    Because almost flights all over the world are getting decreased with restrictions on overseas travel day by day.

    At the end of March, the travel warning to the world was upgraded to a high level and the coming and going between our countries has been limited. That means many flights will be suspended and it's difficult to ship the parcel to you now (especially JFK airport) .

    Japan Post and other postal services in other countries don't have their own airplanes like FedEx or DHL.
    They rent the space of commercial airlines that tourists get on.
    They ship the parcels they received using the airlines.
    If the flights for tourists are suspended, that means the shipments of parcels that postal services all over the world will be suspended, too.

    I heard from Japan Post that there is no way without shipping on a first-come-first-served basis little by little according to the decreasing flights.

    Actually, almost EMS parcels we shipped after 25~26-March have been still stuck in Japan.
    I don't know when the EMS parcels will take off Japan.

    All shipments might be suspended except for Surface in the future.
    I'm sorry, we cannot take new orders anymore without you can accept the SURFACE shipping as plan B.

    If you need to hurry, we recommend using other services who can use FedEx or DHL.
    (I'm sorry but we don't arrange the shipment by other couriers except for Japan Post now.)
    Thank you for your understanding.
  • We renewed commission (updated on 17-January-2020)
    We changed the commission from the order placed on 1st-January-2020.

    Item’s price of Online shopping Flea market or Auction / commission

    1円~3000 yen 700 yen
    3001~7000 yen 800 yen
    7001~9999 yen 900 yen
    10000~19999 yen 9.5%
    20000~24999 yen 9%
    25000~29999 yen 8.5%
    30000~34999 yen 8%
    35000~39999 yen 7.5%
    40000~44999 yen 7%
    45000~49999 yen 6.5%
    50000円~ 6%

    About the Auction :
    If you place two or more items from the same seller at once and the seller ships them together, you can get a 150yen reduction per item from a commission.

    We changed charging the handling fee for shipment on 17-January 2020.
    * The handling fee for Small Packets or EMS less than 10kg is free.
    * The handling fee for EMS from 10kg is 600 yen.
    * We charge 200 yen per Small Packet if you require to divide one parcel more than 2000g into plural Small Packets.

    ~ up to 1kg / 200 yen
    ~ up to 2kg / 300 yen
    ~ up to 3kg / 400 yen
    ~ up to 5kg / 600 yen
    ~ up to 8kg / 800 yen
    ~ up to 10kg / 1000 yen
    10kg ~ / 1200 yen

    We look forward to continuing to provide you with our service.
  • We never use "unregistered" shipment.
    I'd like to ask our customers to use registered mail with tracking number for their parcels.
    We can prove your shipment to PayPal by the tracking number.
    I ask for your kind understanding.
  • Policy Updates (about undervalued declaration)
    We never accept your request to declare with the lower price than your shopping value.
    Customs duty is one of the taxes and citizens are obligated to pay taxes.
    Making a declaration by lower value is a tax evasion.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.(updated April 1st 2012)