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  • Japan Post will resume Airmail small packet to the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, and France on 1 October. (updated 29-September-2023)

    Please note that shipping charges will be revised accordingly.

    And the HS code has been required to ship parcels to the EU since 22 September. We will mark the HS code on all shipment labels for fairness.

    We appreciate your understanding. Thank you
  • Campaign Information (updated 10-September-2023)
    We will continue a summer campaign in September. Fees have returned to the last year's price before the increase. We look forward to serving you.

    Total items' price in one order (tax-inclusive price) / The fee
    1円~3000円 700円
    3001~7000円 800円
    7001~10000円 900円
    10001 yen - 20000 yen / 9%
    20001 yen - 30000 yen / 8%
    30001 yen - 40000 yen / 7%
    40001 yen - 500000yen / 6%
    50001 yen - / 5%
    (Please note that an additional fee of 300 yen will be charged if the flea market requires communication with the seller before the purchase.)
  • We recently received an inquiry regarding an eBay item that did not arrive. However, we do not have an eBay account nor list any items on eBay.
    The eBay shop "Japan treasure Fukufuku shop" (the seller: huku_huku*japan") has no relationship with our company. Please be aware of this.(updated on 22 July 2023)
  • Effective July 1, DHL and UPS shipping rates have been revised.
    You can choose the option of hand delivery with a signature other than adding insurance.
    We will also launch a summer campaign: we offer a service fee of 700 yen for an order of only one item under 3,000 yen (For the flea markets, only for immediate purchase without comments,Except for auctions).
    We look forward to serving you.(updated on 1 July 2023)
  • Japan Post updated the international shipping rates and the areas in which special additional charges.
    Especially, the cost of EMS for the US drastically increased. (2022 1st June)
    For more details, please check the official Japan Post page below.
  • 【Warning!】EMS and Airmail for many countries have been suspended.
    Please make sure to confirm your country's situation here before ordering.

    Suspension of international mail service destined to various countries/territories due to the situation in Ukraine

    Temporary suspension of airmail service for ordinary small packets to Canada due to Covid-19 circumstance

    Temporary suspension of airmail service for ordinary small packets to the United States and Australia due to Covid-19 circumstance

    All news from Japan Post
  • Notification of a Tentative Extra Charge for EMS (updated 1-March-2022)
    The tariffs of EMS will change drastically from June 1, 2022.

    Please confirm the situation and the prices on this page.
  • Emergency Situation Surcharge (ESS) Adjustment – Effective February 14th 2022 by DHL
    DHL Express will update its prices, effective February 14th 2022.
    The price change applies to all discounted rates and agreements, where contracts allow.
    Therefore, we have to change the shipping cost, too.
    We appreciate your understanding. (updated 11-Februray-2021)
  • DHL Express Announces 2022 Rate Adjustment Annual Price Increase (announced on September 17, 2021)
    DHL Express will update its prices, effective January 2022. In Japan, the average price increase will be 4.9%.
    The price change applies to all discounted rates and agreements, where contracts allow.
    Therefore, we have to change the shipping cost from 1-1-2022.
    We appreciate your understanding. (updated 30-December-2021)
  • Please check the status of your country here.

    NOTE: For customers in Europe
    Major delays have been arisen since April on EMS and Airmail small packet due to newly pandemic of COVID-19 that started in March 2021.
    Please choose the shipping method carefully.

    We cannot compensate anything for the delay or lost package in this complicated and difficult situation.
    If you hurry, we recommend using DHL.

    【Warning!】 For customers in Canada
    Surface in addition to EMS and registered Airmail has been suspended since 19-May-2021.

    NOTE: For customers in the US
    EMS will resume on 1-June for the US.
    But please note that the delivery will take a long time (not sure yet, maybe 1~3 weeks or so?). And the registered airmail small packet has not been available yet.

    -- Available shipping methods instead of EMS --

    DHL: It takes a week to be delivered.
    Please refer to the usage here.
    (The cost of DHL will be updated according to fuel surcharge. The latest Update: 29-March-2021)

    Surface: It takes 2-3 months to be delivered.
    The transaction fee 200 yen.
    Please note that there is a significant delay in processing parcels, and so we must add insurance covering the items' price.
    (The additional insurance is 400 yen or more depending on the value of the content.)

    --- Warning! ---
    We never arrange the unregistered (no tracking number) airmail because we cannot prove the shipment against PayPal, your bank, or credit card company.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

    We cannot ship any foods and drink via DHL.
    Couriers like DHL or FedEx never accept shipping foods and drink as merchandise except for authorized dealers who can treat foods with licenses about food sanitation laws or so.

    SAL is no longer available all over the world. (Since 2-April-2020)

    I wish to apologize for the inconvenience the present situation has caused you.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • Notification of a Tentative Extra Charge for EMS (updated 13-May)
    The tariffs of EMS for some countries (in Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle East, and Europe) will change from June 1, 2021.

    Please confirm the situation and the prices on this page.

    A tentative extra charge will be applied to EMS items bound for Oceania, North America, Central America, the Middle East, and Europe.
    With this, Japan Post will continue accepting EMS to major countries in Europe and will resume accepting EMS to the United States of America. (EMS for Canada and Australia have been still suspended.) Thank you for your understanding.
  • The international shipping cost will be revised from the flight on 1-April-2021.
    Japan Post
    We have to update the cost because the Fuel surcharge is getting increased.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • We started to supply via new shipment DHL on 20-May. (updated on 21-May-2020)

    The shipment via DHL: delivered in around a week / No insurance (You can add insurance by 2500 yen.)
    You might feel the cost is still a little higher than the Japan Post shipment. But in some cases, you can use it with near or lower-cost than EMS.

    Details of the cost will be forwarded to you separately.

    NOTE for usage DHL:
    The heavier between the volume weight and the actual weight will be applied for the calculation of the shipping fee.
    ・ Volume weight (kg) = length (cm)× side (cm) ×height(cm) ÷5,000
    ・ Actual weight: the actual weight of the package (including packing and accompanying documents)

    * DHL never accepts the delivery to the PO box.
    * There are many forbidden items to ship via DHL (Food, liquid, or R18 items, etc.). Please refer to this page.
    * We have to mark all of our packages as "merchandise".

    With this change, we will suspend using DHL EXPRESS EASY.
    I hope this service will help customers who cannot use EMS or other shipments. Thank you.
  • We never use "unregistered" shipment.
    I'd like to ask our customers to use registered mail with tracking number for their parcels.
    We can prove your shipment to PayPal by the tracking number.
    I ask for your kind understanding.
  • Policy Updates (about undervalued declaration)
    We never accept your request to declare with the lower price than your shopping value.
    Customs duty is one of the taxes and citizens are obligated to pay taxes.
    Making a declaration by lower value is a tax evasion.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.(updated April 1st 2012)