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Eyes Down ! :
  • Notification : We received the information on the delay in the delivery from Japan Post.
    Delay of Airmail delivery to the Netherlands and other countries
    August 31, 2017

    AIR FRANCE CARGO and KLM CARGO informed us on August 30 that airmail items bound for the Netherlands and other countries have experienced delay in processing owing to sorting machine trouble at their facility at the Amsterdam airport in the Netherlands.

    According to their information, it will take about two weeks for recovery. Delivery is also expected to take more than two weeks.
    In this regard, your understanding would be appreciated that we would refrain from sending Airmail to the countries listed in thie URL for the time being.


    Thank you for your kind understanding of this situation and cooperation.
    Your understanding is greatly appreciated. (updated 5-September 2017)
  • Notice!
    There might be a possibility our mails were sorted as the spam mail, because it seems that Google changed the mailing system for better security in the end of April.
    We also did maintain our emailing system according to the change last month.
    But a part of our emails are not delivered to our customers.

    If so, can I ask you to confirm your spam mail folder?
    Or could you please receive our email address as specified domain?
    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • We never use "unregistered" shipment.
    I'd like to ask our customers to use registered mail with tracking number for their parcels.
    We can prove your shipment to PayPal by the tracking number.
    I ask for your kind understanding.
  • Policy Updates (about undervalued declaration)
    We never accept your request to declare with the lower price than your shopping value.
    Customs duty is one of the taxes and citizens are obligated to pay taxes.
    Making a declaration by lower value is a tax evasion.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.(updated April 1st 2012)