Airmail Small Packet : Registered

International mail rates are exempt from consumption tax.

Zone Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Weight China, South Korea, Taiwan Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan) Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories) Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa
Up to 100 g810 yen840 yen970 yen1290 yen1010 yen
Up to 200 g910 yen960 yen1150 yen1500 yen1270 yen
Up to 300 g1010 yen1080 yen1330 yen1710 yen1530 yen
Up to 400 g1110 yen1200 yen1510 yen1920 yen1790 yen
Up to 500 g1210 yen1320 yen1690 yen2130 yen2050 yen
Up to 600 g1310 yen1440 yen1870 yen2340 yen2310 yen
Up to 700 g1410 yen1560 yen2050 yen2550 yen2570 yen
Up to 800 g1510 yen1680 yen2230 yen2760 yen2830 yen
Up to 900 g1610 yen1800 yen2410 yen2970 yen3090 yen
Up to 1000 g1710 yen1920 yen2590 yen3180 yen3350 yen
Up to 1100 g1810 yen2040 yen2770 yen3390 yen3610 yen
Up to 1200 g1910 yen2160 yen2950 yen3600 yen3870 yen
Up to 1300 g2010 yen2280 yen3130 yen3810 yen4130 yen
Up to 1400 g2110 yen2400 yen3310 yen4020 yen4390 yen
Up to 1500 g2210 yen2520 yen3490 yen4230 yen4650 yen
Up to 1600 g2310 yen2640 yen3670 yen4440 yen4910 yen
Up to 1700 g2410 yen2760 yen3850 yen4650 yen5170 yen
Up to 1800 g2510 yen2880 yen4030 yen4860 yen5430 yen
Up to 1900 g2610 yen3000 yen4210 yen5070 yen5690 yen
Up to 2000 g2710 yen3120 yen4390 yen5280 yen5950 yen
  • For small packets, the minimum charge is set at the rate for a 100 g packet, and the maximum weight is 2 kg.
  • Please note that we never use "unregistered" mail.