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The amount you deposit first is only the items' price.
You must pay the shipping cost, taxes, and other transaction fees in addition to this amount to get the items.
We will send you the invoice covering the costs above when we are ready to ship the goods.
After proceeding with your order, we never accept cancellations or changes because almost all shops never take them in Japan.
All sales are final. Please note that the return policy on Japanese online shops applies only to customers using in Japan.
We never change a price lower than the purchase price for clearing customs.


 Without asking and we will purchase only the available items
 We won't proceed with the order and will ask for your thoughts


 Store deliveries should be once together (Delivered on the last release date.)
 Should be delivered in-stock items first (Domestic shipping will be charged for each delivery.)
*Please note that your request may not meet depending on the store's delivery policy.

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* After we received your order,,,,,

#0. We purchase the requested item.
- If the items go out of stock after you placed the order , we refund the deposit within 24 hours after we received the order.

#1. We will send the arrival report to you after we received your items.
#2. Please send the shipping request to us following the instruction of the report.
#3. We will make an invoice covering the shipping costs and our commission according to your request.
#4. We will send you the invoice through a PayPal account.
#5. Please make your payment of the invoice.
#6. We will ship the parcel to you within 48 hours after we receive the payment.

Please look "MY PAGE" on our site and check your status.
You can find the status at "MY PAGE" by yourself and you can also know how you send the shipping request.

And please read carefully our information that we send to you.
I think you can find the way to proceed with the next step in our emails.
Then, our Estimation Tool on the following URL helps you to know how much you will pay.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

Please pay careful attention to the item's size and weight. See more details

Each country is limited in shipping sizes and weights, and we do not handle oversized/overweight items.

Please pay careful attention to the forbidden items to ship overseas.

We follow Japan Post's terms and conditions. Please refer to the site.
In addition, the courier services never accept shipping food and drink.