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Welcome to our website!

Did you ever get in trouble with
shopping items from Japan?
Such as ....

You could not use your credit card of your country.

You could not communicate with sellers in English.

Other proxy services do not take orders of pre-ordered items.

There is no option of cash on delivery in other proxy services.

If you have such problems, we are
happy to help you !!

What we offer

Mail-order from Japan might be difficult for people outside of Japan because of the language, credit card, and etc.



We communicate with Japanese sellers and buy items for you.



We communicate with Japanese sellers and bid items for you.



You can see the status of your orders on our website.

How it works

1. Choose items you want

fill out the form, then Click "Add to Cart"

2. Proceed your orders

Treasure Japan buy/bid items on your behalf

3. Pack and ship your items

Treasure Japan receive your items from selllers and ship them to you.

4. Receive items

You receive your items.

For first time users

If you use our service for the first time, here are more details of our service.

Commission Fee


How to order

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